About us

Welcome GeoXpedite Core Database System

geoXpedite Core Database System has been built to be easy to use and adaptable, with reasonable cost and exceptional quality. The system has been designed for users of all levels and no formal training or certifications are necessary. Geologist software in the past has been expensive, cumbersome and restrictive; the use of our software is intuitive and flexible, with a powerful relational geological database working behind the scenes.

We have designed and built the GeoXpedite Core Database System with the whole picture in mind, from data entry to use in resource quantification and reporting.

The front end GeoXpedite Logger is fully loaded with both form and datasheet-style data entry sections. The program catches user error and validates all data to your specific requirements during the logging process, proofing data at its first inception. This saves immeasurable amounts of time and money later in the data auditing and analysis stage.