Affordable Geology Database, Exploration Database and QAQC

High Level Data Security

Data security and access level protection is our top priority. User needs base access rights. Keystroke level traceability. Built in change audit. Email/SMS notification on crucial events. Data Encryption using Hash Algorithms. Built in password complexity & expiry and validations at every steps
Affordable Geology Database, Exploration Database and QAQC

Completely Customizable as per your Business Requirements

We Understand that every business has its own individuality thus we offer our unique feature to customize the database as per your business rules at extremely negligible cost as compared to other products available
Affordable Geology Database, Exploration Database and QAQC

One Click Import Export with Data Validations

Importing and exporting data is never so simple. geoXpedite has one click import functions with built in validation algorithms, which only allows correct data to get in. Similarly our exports are designed as per your requirements, be it exporting for any third party software or for management reporting

Real Time Data Analysis (QA/QC)

geoXpedite is built on strong Microsoft SQL database, which is centrally located and collect data from different users simultaneously and produce reports and analysis at real time. QA/QC reports can be customized based on requirements

Built in QueryBuilder

Writing SQL queries is not everybody’s cup of tea, it requires experience, knowledge to extract correct data using SQL query. BUT with our pioneered QUERYBUILDER tool anyone can extract data. With this tool even complex SQL query can be made by easy dragging & dropping items

Affordable and Easy to use

Most of the Geology Database solutions currently available in the market are either too expensive or too clumsy to use. On the other hand geoXpedite is designed in such easy steps that no training to very little training is required to operate it. Complimentary online training support is provided for 25 hours

Use auto emails to exchange critical information.

Client server architecture.

Browser based front end which gives effective maintenance and up gradation.

User activity tracker provides unmatched security to the organization.

Flexible Master Data Capturing.

Flexibility of using Standard/Blank/Duplicate while creating sample-Id.

Core photographs integration with amalgamation.

Custom designed QAQC Reports.